Laprascopic Surgery

Laparoscopic treatment is a new surgical treatment. By making small holes in the abdomen, the following surgeries are carried out.

  • Removal of Appendix.
  • Removal of gall bladder with stones.
  • Hernia.
  • Infertility in the case of males & Females.
  • To assess the reasons for protracted stomach pain.
  • Biopsy from the tissue of the tumor in the abdomen (Liver, pancreas, stomach, etc.)
  • Draining of abscess and cysts in the liver.
  • Treatment and removal of diseased spleen.
  • Releasing of adhesions.
  • Treatment of Ectopic pregnancy.

Laparoscopic surgeries in gynaec problems

  • Laparoscopic Myomectomy (Removal of fibroids laparoscopically)
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy (Removal of uterus laparoscopically)
  • Laparoscopy for Ovarian cysts (Removal of cysts in ovaries laparoscopically)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Treatment of ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus)
  • Diagnosis of Infertility laparoscopically
  • Laparoscopic sterilization
  • Advanced Laproscopy

    • Fundoplication.
    • Gastrojejunostomy.
    • Obesity (or) bariatric surgery i.e. weight reducing surgery through laparoscope.
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